Apparently, a wise man once said "There's no such thing as a silly question", I'm going to guess he never worked in the hospitality industry! Here are some answers to some, not so silly, questions: 

Is there a minimum age?

No, there is no minimum age. However, our smallest life jacket is rated for children over 20lbs (9kg) and they need to be be able to fit into one to join us.

Do you have an office we can come to?

No, we meet everybody at a parking area by the airport in Golden, which is also by the river. Our van and trailer will be there approximately 20 minutes before each departure to meet guests.

It looks like it might rain tomorrow, can I cancel?

If we think the weather is going to be really bad, we will make the call to cancel the trip, hopefully the day before. However, if there's lightning, strong winds or heavy rain that wasn't in the forecast, then we may cancel on the same day. If it just looks like there might be some showers then we will still run the trips, just make sure you bring your rain gear. 

Well what would you call good gear to wear on a rainy day on the river?

Aside from the obvious rain gear, try and avoid wearing cotton as it absorbs water and takes a long time to dry which could cause you to get cold. A wool layer is definitely your best best as wool stays 'warm when wet'.

I changed my mind, there's a new season on Netflix I want to binge on, can I cancel?

As long as you cancel more than 24 hours before your trip starts, you will receive a full refund. Within 24hrs you will get 50% back but within 12 hours, I'm afraid you will lose the full amount.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes, but you will need to call us first and we will book you on

What are the chance of me capsizing?

As long as you follow the instructions from your guide, your chances of going in the drink are very slim. The picture above was from a training day and was done deliberately in a capsize exercise. Our boats are actually very stable and take a lot of effort to tip over!

What if Golden Paddle Adventures cancel the trip?

If we have to cancel the trip, for whatever reason, you will receive a 100% refund if we are unable to place you on another date/time.

We don't have a roof rack but we want to rent a canoe, is it still possible?

Yes, for most cars. We have pool noodles and ratchet straps available for you to use that will secure the boat to the roof of your car. We will show you how.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a chance that this method could dent the roof of your car.

We're running late and won't make it back in time to return a rental, what should we do?

Give us a call, we might still be able to meet you.

Do I tip the guides?

Although never expected, the guides are always very grateful if you do want to show your appreciation for their efforts if they added to you experience.

Got a question that wasn't answered? Give us a call on 1-250-290-0333 or fire us an email,  we're here to help.

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